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Like many computer programmers, I often had back pain and my neck stiffened during work. This caused sleeping problems and all in all reduced my productivity. After just a few massage therapy sessions with Mikhail, the back and neck pain disappeared completely, I now sleep much better at night and have much more energy during the day. Mikhail also recommended that I rearrange my workplace and do specific remedial exercises to help keep my body pain-free and in good shape. Thanks to Mikhail, I feel great and am confident in my performance.

Alexei Novikov

Senior Software Developer

I met Mikhail and his family in 2000 shortly after they emigrated to Canada from Russia. Mikhail has treated me on a regular basis since he moved from Toronto to Ottawa in 2005. He has been instrumental in keeping me healthy over the years, enabling me to continue to train and compete in middle distance track into my late thirties. I was recently reminded of how good Mikhail is at what he does. I went to see him with an inflamed achilles that was painful to the touch. Within hours of working on me, the pain was gone. What could have developed into a debilitating injury was averted thanks to Mikhail’s work. I would encourage anybody to visit Mikhail, who is I believe one of the most intuitive and knowledgeable massage therapists in the city.

- Jason Dunkerley

Parapanam Games Champion 2015

2008, 2012 Paralympic medalist and world champion




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