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Mikhail Gorbounov, Registered Massage Therapist


2004 - Massage Therapy Diploma

Elmcrest College of Applied Health Sciences & Spa Management

Toronto, Ontario

1991 - Physical Education Diploma

College of Physical Culture and Sports

St. Petersburg, Russia


College of Massage Therapists' of Ontario

Registered Massage Therapists' Association of Ontario


2015 Patellofemoral pain syndrome

2014 Myofascial release (advanced)

2014 Sport Massage (advanced)

2012 Acupressure

2011 Nerve Mobilization of the Low Back, pelvis and Lower Extremity

2011 Myths and Truths of the Low Back: Assessment and Therapeutic Exercise

2011 Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

2010 Thalassotherapy

2006 Sports Massage

2006 Active Release Techniques (Upper Extremities)

2005 Active Release Technique (Lower Extremities)

2004 Active Release Technique (Spine)

2002 Foot Reflexology

Summary of Experience

Mikhail moved to Canada in 1999 from St. Petersburg, Russia, where he worked as a Track and Field Coach and Sports Instructor. He also competed in Track and Field as a middle-distance runner. He was a European Champion and World-Record holder in 800 m among visually impaired athletes. He has also run 25 marathons, including Boston and New York City. Throughout his athletic career, he has had many injuries. That is why he knows how to help athletes with injury prevention and treatment.

In 2004 after graduating from the Massage Therapy program, he established his own Massage Therapy practice in Ottawa. With over 10 years of experience, Mikhail has seen hundreds of clients with a wide variety of challenging conditions and injuries, which he has successfully treated.

Many of his clients are athletes including Olympic and Paralympic medalists.

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